A limited number of bursaries will be available for graduate and PhD students and young scientists (under 35)  to cover partially their travel and subsistence expenses. Application will be open after notification of selected students (3oth April).

IUCr inter-regional bursary fund

The IUCr has established a separate inter-regional bursary scheme for young scientists attending the annual meetings of the Regional Associates.

This is additional to the young scientist support that the IUCr already provides and is aimed at facilitating the attendance of young scientists from the area covered by one Regional Associate at a meeting of a different Regional Associate. The aim is to broaden the knowledge of the awardees and enable them to establish contacts that will be of great help to them in their careers.

Details and an Application Form may be found at the following page.

IUCr young scientists grants

The IUCr will distribute grants to young scientists with a crystallography background (under 30, exceptionally 35) .

ECA Individual travel grant

The ECA will distribute travel grants among the participating students (6 grants of 500 euros), to encourage the participation of a large diversity of young researchers. The students who apply should satisfy the following criteria:

  • The student should be under 35.
  • The student should belong to the ECA “region”. The list of eligible countries can be found here.
  • The student should be an individual member of the ECA. How to become an individual member is stated here.
  • The student should be registered in the IUCr World Directory of Crystallographers.

GE3C member grant

The GE3C (Grupo Especializado de Cristalografía y Crecimiento Cristalino) will distribute 2 grants (300 euros) among the participating students who apply and satisfy the following criteria:

  • The student should be under 35.
  • The student should be member of the GE3C.


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